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Adam Webber

Property Manager

Last song played on your iPod: My Love is Real, by Divine Fits

Hidden gem on The Hill: It’s hard to choose one—if you really want to experience The Hill, you need to check out some of the funky dive bars that once defined it: Linda’s, the Unicorn and Cha Cha Lounge are all old friends. Check them out on week nights for a more authentic experience.

Favorite thing about PMW: There’s a unique vibe to this community—it’s hard to explain, but you usually don’t find this sort of warmth in a building until it has been occupied for awhile. I sensed it immediately here—it was an instant connection.

Spirit animal: The Crow; they’re adaptable, fiercely loyal and while cautious initially, they have a spirit of adventure.

Hobby (other than making sure life at PMW is grand): Hiking. I love Seattle and the way it gives us the best of all worlds! We have a world class city in Seattle, but when we want to spend some time in nature, it’s 30 minutes away. It’s pretty amazing to spend a day on a mountain and be back for happy hour on The Hill.