A Night to Remember

April 30, 2016
By Tamara Thomson

So last week I got to visit one of my favorite places in the city. Not only that but it’s my favorite music venue in the world (so far) the Showbox At The Market In Seattle. I went to see an English band that I had loved as a kid in the early 90’s, Lush. Billboard Magazine even named it one of the top 10 most influential clubs in North America.

13062538_224331767941998_3111619335650151930_nThis is the luxurious “paid seating” area where you can enjoy the show without being interrupted and the only place in the venue they offer table service. This was my first time sitting in this area and trust me, it was so worth it.

This gorgeous landmark venue with it’s Art Deco interior and crystal chandeliers is located across from the Pike Place Market and was founded in 1939 right at the tail end of the Great Depression. Since it’s opening, it’s gone through 7 name changes and it wasn’t until it was acquired by AEG Live in 2007 that it finally received the name it still carries today.

11216594_224331761275332_2290311465790834873_nThe infamous neon Showbox sign.

The historic ballroom has featured show’s from legend’s like Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, Muddy Waters, fast forward a few years later and you get Blondie, The Ramones, Devo, Snoop Dog, PJ Harvey and a diverse many, many more. It really is one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier music venues and one of our city’s precious gems with it’s amazing sight lines, excellent acoustics, easily accessible bars and it’s authentic historical coolness. I really can’t tell you how amazing this place is if you’ve never been there. Your just going to have to go check it out for yourself!

13103333_224331787941996_7063185108701260483_nSuch a beautiful venue.