Ace in the Hole

October 29, 2016
By Tamara Thomson

Life can be rather hectic at times and getting normal everyday things done (including getting dressed for the day) can be quite a struggle. Fortunately for us there are creative and inventive people out there who are working on finding ways to simplify things for us starting with the clothes we wear.
Kit and Ace is a Canadian Apparel Brand which was founded in 2014 by Shannon Wilson and her step son J.J. Wilson. The brand has retail stores in over 60 locations worldwide including: Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto, Saskatoon, New York, Calgary, Edmonton, the UK and Australia. Shannon, who was lead designer of LuLu Lemon’s Athletica department knows a thing or two about dressing for an active lifestyle and she has incorporated that experience into the clothes that she creates.


The company is best known for producing machine-washable technical cashmere clothing and accessories. The clothing has smooth seams and is made with anti-microbial no iron fabrics with dynamic stretch. They’ve also added functional details: shrink integrity, breathability, venting, wicking, stain shield technology, performance trims finished off with fine Italian tailoring. They took the principals of athletic design and applied them to clothing you can wear all day with an emphasis on performance, functionality and comfort. They believe in technical design and even have a team of designers, engineers and scientists on hand who are committed to meticulous research, ensuring you’re getting the best quality of clothing.


What I love about Kit and Ace is not only do they care about creating long lasting, durable yet delicate and comfortable clothing they also give back to the community. Imagine One Day is a Wilson family venture which they are really passionate about. It was created with the hope of being able to one day ensure all Ethiopians have access to quality education by building schools and investing in future leaders who will make sure these standards are being upheld and making sure everyone can receive free foreign aid by the year 2030. And really, there’s nothing better than a company that cares.