September 8, 2016

To Your Health

Nestled inside the Pike Motorworks courtyard and open since July of this year, Verve Bowls has seen a very busy summer season. This highly in demand shop specializes in acai bowls, smoothies and freshly pressed juices all made right before your eyes with healthy, natural and unprocessed ingredients from Charlies Produce. They also happen to

August 27, 2016

Never judge a book by it’s cover

In the early morning hours of November 17th, 2011 an intentionally set fire destroyed what was once the beloved Capitol Hill restaurant Galeria’s. Causing over $800,000 in damages the charred and completely damaged space had sat empty for years. That is until May of 2015 when Stan Moshier and Lori Campbell of Madison Parks “Bings”

August 23, 2016

The Greatness of Grilling

If you happen to find yourself in downtown Seattle and are looking for a great place to take visiting friends or relatives or are just looking for a new place to dine I highly recommend Miller’s Guild. Nestled inside of the beautiful and artsy Hotel Max and located on the corner of Seventh and Stewart,

August 17, 2016

The Lost Lake on the Hill

Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge joins Beth’s, IHOP, Square Knot, 13 Coins and the 5 Point Café as the only places in the city that offer food, drinks and awesome service 24 hours of the day. Not only do they serve breakfast all day long they are the only place in Seattle that has a

August 7, 2016

The Way We Wore

“We believe in supporting and engaging our community by shopping local and promoting creative people within the greater Seattle area. We also practice and encourage environmental responsibility by recycling, buying and selling pre-loved items that still have life and style.” This is one of the first things I read when I visited Revival Shop Seattle‘s

August 2, 2016

Me, Myself and Thai

If there’s one thing Seattle doesn’t have a shortage of its Thai restaurants. But an entirely vegetarian Thai restaurant is another story. Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai joins just a handful of these restaurant catering to the entire city and is only the third to open on Capitol Hill. Opened in 2010 Wedgwood is located at 420

July 24, 2016

Parting With The Past

Charles Dean Quinn and Ken Bauer first opened Charlie’s On Broadway back in 1976. This quintessential Broadway establishment back in those days boasted cheap steak nights, cozy booths and offered just about 75 menu items to choose from. While a majority of the booths still remain the menu has changed somewhat to a more modernized and

July 19, 2016

Preservation in the Pacific Northwest

The Seattle Aquarium first opened on May 20th, 1977. Since it’s opening it’s instructed over 800,000 visitors annually about the importance of marine conservation and gets people to really look and think about their daily activities and how they impact our local marine life. The Window on Washington Waters exhibit. This is the first thing

July 6, 2016

Make A Statement In Style

Jon Milazzo and Lori Pomeranz are two of the loveliest people you will find in Seattle if you’re lucky enough to get a chance to meet them. They also happen to be the owners of one of the coolest shops in the neighborhood,retrofit home. The two ladies started out in the business as artists before

June 29, 2016

Take A Spin At Revolver

Located at 1514 E. Olive Way and open since May of 2014 Revolver Bar came about after longtime Seattle musician and producer Gary Reynolds inherited a library’s worth of vinyl records from an uncle who was looking to get rid of them. Around this time Gary also opened and ran a Gumbo catering business called Gary’s