No Ordinary Slice

May 8, 2016
By Tamara Thomson

I think it’s safe to assume everybody likes pizza. If you don’t like pizza I can only imagine your going about it the wrong way. And in a city full of pizza joints it’s real easy to go down that wrong road. Fortunately for us, Matt Jacobson and Mikey McKennedy decided they were going to do it their way with the creation of Sizzle Pie, an insanely popular and hip pizza chain based out of Portland Oregon and now available here in Seattle thanks to the opening of it’s new location at 1009 E. Union Street. Sizzle Pie is known for it’s late hours and even later delivery hours (it’s open until 3 a.m. on the weekdays and 4 am on the weekends).

IMG_0161They offer 3 vegan, 3 vegetarian and 3 meat slices daily. They have gluten free options as well.

They serve a weekend pizza brunch that starts at 11 a.m.(yes, I said pizza brunch), have an insanely large menu and serve gluten-free and vegan pizza’s whole or by the slice daily. I really love their clever pizza names too: 6 Degree’s of Kevin Bacon and Na Palm Breath are two of my favorites and they serve interesting combinations you won’t find anywhere else: The Thai Times-chicken, mandarin oranges, white onion, a Thai sweet chili spiral and fresh arugula. Pizza should be adventurous, fun and creative and Sizzle Pie offers just that. If your a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan or like me , lactose intolerant this place caters to everyone.

IMG_0162Lot’s of adequate indoor and outdoor seating.

IMG_0166The “New Map’s out of Hell” vegan pizza: creamy bail cashew spread, seasoned soy curls and your choice of 3 vegetables. We chose artichoke hearts, arugula and pepperoncini’s.

IMG_0159Open late indeed.